Family ghyll scrambles

Looking for a fun family outdoor activity? Then why not try ghyll scrambling? What is it? A ghyll is the name used in the Lake District for a mountain stream. As the name suggests, ghyll scrambling is climbing up or down one of these mountain streams.

What makes it a great family activity? Well, there are a number of ghylls around the Lake District allowing a suitable ghyll to be chosen to suit the age and ability of the family.

Ghyll scrambling for all the family

There are small mountain streams with short rocky sections to clamber up and pools to play in – one pool is likened to a “bath tub”  and several children can sit in it at once in a row with one blocking the outlet so it fills a bit more, before letting the “plug” out! With  support from parents these ghylls can be tackled and enjoyed by young children.

Even young children can have a go

Having fun jumping into a pool

There are larger streams where you can climb up waterfalls with deeper pools to cross, requiring participants to get a little wetter! Other exciting experiences are walking along under a curtain of water and walking through a waterfall to a small cave –  these can still be tackled by children from age 7 upwards.

For older children and teenagers longer waterfalls can be ascended and sometimes there is a good place to jump in off the rocks!

Climbing beside waterfalls

For families looking for a wet ghyll to tackle there are a number of ghylls to choose from. These require participants to climb up waterfalls, cross pools and swim from time to time.

Pools to swim across

For a wet adventure you can come down some ghylls taking advantage of natural water slides, jumps off waterfalls into pools and sections of walking along flatter parts of the river.

Natural Water Slides

Pools to dive into or swim across

Whatever you fancy you are sure to have a fun time in a ghyll! Hire an instructor to take you to a suitable ghyll and provide you with the  right equipment to make your trip a safe and fun one!

Instructor Ian enjoying a jump in at the end of the ghyll!

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