South Tyne River

Source of the South Tyne River

This week we headed to the pretty village of Garrigill, near Alston, where we followed part of the South Tyne Trail, a walk that follows the South Tyne River as it cuts its way down from its source high on the Northern Pennines. It passes old mine workings and goes through newly planted woodland before ending up on the old grouse moors. Here you can still see and hear the grouse as they call their characteristic “go-back, go-back, go-back” to one another across the moor. At the source is this great piece of art, (The Source, by Gilbert Ward). If you look through the hole in the sculpture you see the cairn marking the spring that is the source of the South Tyne River which flows north-west before heading east to join the North Tyne River near Hexham and then on to Newcastle as the mighty Tyne. A short walk from here is the start of the River Tees which makes its way to Middlesbrough. The Northern Pennines offers the walker a chance to enjoy peace and quiet, open expanses of moorland and fells and the chance to explore the fascinating  history of this area. Why not come and find out for yourself?

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